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Food Allergens Laboratory (FAL) is a network of analytical laboratories in Poland, Greece and Cyprus . The FAL has an important position in food analysis in Europe since it provides analytical services concerning,

  • food allergens , using immuno detection and PCR techniques (the unique private entity in Greece and Cyprus for these analyses),
  • natural antioxidants (using HPLC and GC techniques),
  • heavy metals (using ICP-AES instrumentation),
  • GMOs detection,
  • a wide range of chemical analyses in food and feedstuffs.

FAL services are delivered under the requirements of an established Quality Management System (ISO17025 accredited by ESYD), and are ensured regarding their quality both by this systemic framework of work and by its high level of personnel & equipment.

Its services cover the wide areas of food safety and quality, including laboratory analysis of important biological or chemical parameters, related to food & feed safety & nutrition aspects such as

  • food allergens
  • GMO
  • nutrients (e.g. vitamins, antioxidants, minerals)
  • residues (e.g. veterinary, pesticides)
  • chemical contaminants (e.g. PAH, mycotoxins, heavy metals)
  • biological hazards (e.g. specific pathogens or toxins derived).

The scientific team is comprised of scientific specialties instrumental to food & feed nutrition & safety and quality management aspects and issues (chemist, agriculturist, chemical engineer etc). Is also a distributor of Neogen Europe (equipment and consumables for food testing) and participates every year in commercial exhibitions ( ANUGA, SIAL, FoodAsia, FruitLogistica, FreeFromFood, FoodExpo, Gulfood).

News & Announsements

ISO 17025 Accreditation Scope

New Book Release (2013-Wiley) Title: Food Allergen testing

Two new PCR kits are now availiable . Special promotion price 300 euro (100 reactions)

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2-Amino-5-hydroxybenzoic acid

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Food Allergen Testing & Management: 14 hours Tentative Workshop

We participate in the following conferences-exhibitions:

FRUIT Logistica 8-10/2/2017

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